Welcome to the Builder’s Refuge. The refuge is a passion project we started to accommodate professional Minecraft builders who are looking for a personal or commercial space to build and create art.  We offer premium services at no charge along with a network of other builders and resources to help you become successful.

Server IP




Minecraft version 1.12.2 (you can connect with 1.13.x clients, but there will be visual glitches with connected textures)

ProTip:  To easily move around our server network,
use our in-game navigation menu
by typing /menu


Community Build Server

Our community build server consists of small 75×75 plots and oversized 500×500 and 501×501 plots.  Unlike other creative servers, there is no joining or rank-up process! You immediately have full access to our build tools (WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, goPaint, goBrush, and many more including our very own Builder’s Utilities).

(to get to our community server, type /public or select the community server from the in-game navigation menu)

Member Build Servers

We provide our members with private build space to express their creativity and use popular in-game building tools.  We also accommodate self-serve uploading and downloading of schematics and import or export worlds for your larger projects.  In essence, we can function as your private build server.  Members can also use the community build server. Members also get free use of Arceon, a premium build plugin created by Arcaniax.

(to get to our member build area, type /build or select the member build server from the in-game navigation menu)

For Live Streamers and Video Producers

If you are a live streamer or otherwise produce video content, we can provide you with a public flatworld accessible with a public /warp command. You will have full creative-mode access to our build plugins, but the general public can only access it in spectator mode.  This will allow you to let your viewers and subs visit with you as you build!  At the same time, all other players in spectator mode will keep a clean video perspective while teaching a technique or demonstrating a build.  More information about live streaming on Builder’s Refuge can be found at this link.

Events at Builder’s Refuge

Celebrating our 2nd year! Another thank you video for everyone who has been with us along our journey and a recognition of what incredible talent we see in our community.

Celebrating 1 year! A special thank you video for everyone who has been with us from the beginning and for those who have joined us along the way!

Stay Informed

Stay informed of upcoming events by following us on twitter at @BuildersRefuge or join our Discord at https://discord.gg/R4BSZBN

Partners of Builder’s Refuge

Darwin Reforged

We are delighted to work with the Darwin Reforged community who specializes in creative building with the Conquest Reforged modpack! Their server hosts plots, freebuilding, contests, and community projects.

Exalted MC

Working with Exalted MC allows us to continue our mission along with their vision of bringing the talented build community together. Everything they do is to offer opportunities for learning, collaboration, innovation, and new connections.

Everbloom Studios

Builder’s Refuge is excited to be hosting maps that are featured in Everbloom Studios YouTube Build Series! When on the server, type “/menu” then click on Everbloom Showcase!

Minecraft Buildcon

We are pleased to work with the extensive reach of Minecraft Buildcon. Our plan is to continue to innovate and develop platforms that will benefit the entire build community.

MC Architects Union

We are proud to support the work of the MC Architects Union.  This organization distributes information important to the client and builder relationship and works to help mediate disputes.

Teams That Build Exclusively on Builder’s Refuge