Click on the links below to show the dynamic maps for the public servers. Because the worlds are so large, our dynmap does not update live. The servers are set to render small amounts on a regular basis each week.

Click on the links below to show the dynamic maps for the member build servers. Keep in mind that any world can possibly be loaded on any build node depending on load distribution of players (and this only resets when the server restarts). One day, your world could be on node1 and the next day it could be on node3.  

Because we have over 7000 worlds on Builder’s Refuge, it is impossible for dynmap to automatically render the worlds. Therefore, rendering is only started manually.  To render your world, use the following commands:

  • /dynmap fullrender – Begin a render for your entire world
  • /dynmap updaterender – Render updated chunks in your general location
  • /dynmap radiusrender <blocks> – Only render an area of blocks at your location
  • /dynmap quiet – Suppress the dynmap update messages during a render to cut down on chat spam.  It will still tell you when the render is finished.
  • /dynmap hide – Hide your player from dynmap
  • /dynmap show – Show your player on dynmap
  • /plot hide – Hide your world from dynmap
  • /plot show – Show your world on dynmap