Simply put, we provide the building community with build space to express their creativity and use to popular in-game building tools.

For everyone, we accommodate self-serve uploading and downloading of schematics and everyone has full access to our build plugins.  You can claim small (75×75) and large (501×501) plots on our community area  to build as much as you enjoy!

To take it to the next level, our members (click here to get more information about becoming a member) can also claim private worlds and upload and download their own worlds!  In essence, we can function as your private build server.

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Server Network Diagram

For everyone!  Yes, even non-members!

  • Self-serve schematic uploading and downloading
    • Easy to use, no staff involvement needed
    • Get your schematics when you want them, immediately
    • Upload your own schematics directly into WorldEdit
  • Redundancies in place to make sure your builds are never lost
    • Nightly backups of the last 30 days (stored offsite)
  • Full (Fast Async) WorldEdit & VoxelSniper
    • Super fast, low memory async worldediting produces little to no lag
    • Work with large worldedit areas with confidence
    • Full VoxelSniper privileges for all members
  • Playerheads Database GUI
    • Easy to use head-database with over 1000 playerheads
  • World Painting Tools
    • In-game world painting tools
    • Custom brushes
  • Local Chat channels, as well as semi-private “rooms” where you can have more secluded conversations with partners and friends (type /chanlist on the server for more details)
  • A number of Builder’s Refuge members can assist you with high quality renders of your builds

For members!

  • Your own private build world
    • Literally, your own worlds with no worldborder.  No plots, no region limit… all yours for any number of projects you wish to accomplish.
    • Build permissions only available to you
    • Grant or revoke build permissions to others
    • Guest access to showcase your builds to potential or current customers or fellow builders
    • Update your own dynmap
  • Self-serve world uploading and downloading
    • Yes you heard right.  We support uploading and downloading worlds!
  • Extra Discord Channels
    • We have separate member-only discussion channels for the major areas of creative building… organics, terrain, rendering, and more.

For most frequently used commands, go to our command guide!