Staff Applications

Since you are here, you are probably interested in joining the staff on Builder’s Refuge. Here is some information about applying and how we invite people to become a part of the team.


  • Must use Discord – This is our primary means of coordination and staff members are expected to moderate our Discord as well as the Minecraft server.
  • Must have a good command over English language – This is our primary language for communication and discussion
  • Must be mature – We have an age limit of 18+ to become staff, you must also be mature and respected in the community
  • Must participate – Staff are the faces of Builder’s Refuge. Activity is occasionally reviewed and inactive staff can be dropped without notice.
  • Be in line with our mission – Our mission is to support builders and to cultivate a toxic-free community. If you feel you will have issues enforcing our guidelines or are generally in conflict with our community, you are not a good candidate for a staff position.

For Your Information

Keep in mind that you will probably not get a response. We constantly receive staff applications and simply applying does not guarantee you will be next in line to become staff. We look at many factors including subjective ones regarding how we feel you will get along with our current staff team.

All applications will be saved and may be used at a later time. Just because we do not pick you now doesn’t mean that we may not pick you later. When we are in need of staff, we sometimes go through this list in order to find someone to fill an opening.

If we do approve of your application, one of the administrators (most likely our Staff Manager, Livv) will reach out to you via Discord for further interview.

If you have any specific questions about becoming staff, please contact Livv#0001 on the Builder’s Refuge Discord.

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