2020 Dirt Hut Render Contest
Lonely Cabin

The build supplied for this contest, while epic, is designed to be simple to allow maximum flexibility for render artists to express their creativity.

This is a render contest, meaning that the build will not be judged. Instead, criteria will be the artistic expression of the render as judged by a panel of established render artists.  The artistic expression is defined as the compelling story told by the render given the coloring, lighting, and atmosphere.


Renders are due Saturday 16 May 2020

Renders will be graded on the following categories on a 10 point scale:
– Composition (how the build and environment is framed, perspective, angle)
– Artistic Expression (how the render expresses the story or theme, creativity)
– Style (the technical difficulty of the style and approach used)

  • Please submit your entry via imgur.com
  • Please submit only one render
  • Shaders Screenshots are allowed, but are graded to the same standards as renders
  • You can add your own assets (terrain, characters/skins, etc) but the original build must not be edited
  • You can use any texture for playerhead entities and flags entities

Judging panel will be made up of render artists in the community:

  • RIBEYE – First Place Render – $200
  • NY STRIP – Second Place Render – $150
  • SIRLOIN – Third Place Render – $100
  • NEAT – Best Shader Screenshot – $100
  • NOOB – Runner-up Shader Screenshot – $50

Download the Schematic Here
File Size: 4kb
Schematic Size: 151 x 151 x 14