Special thanks to these groups and individuals…

Nitric Concepts for their generous contribution to the prize pool
Skycade Builds for their generous contribution to the prize pool
ExaltedMC for judging the contest
Meraki Build Team for including this contest in the 2048 Project concept
Immanuel for donating a render for each winning build

In partnership with…

This event is part of the Meraki Build Team 2048 Project.


Type “/space” to get to the contest world. Once there you can type “/plot auto” to claim a plot. You can also fly over a plot and type “/plot claim” to claim that specific plot.  You can claim up to 2 plots (one that will be graded, and one for assets).

You can build solo or duos. Keep in mind that if you build duos, the prize money will be split 50% between the two builders.  Use “/plot trust <player>” to allow someone else to build with you.

Given the high stakes of this contest, we highly recommend that you periodically type “/plot download” to download a schematic of your plot to make a backup in case of a chunk or disk error.


Space-time Continuum

“The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you” 
-Neil deGrasse Tyson

Space-time is a mathematical model that joins space and time into a single idea called a continuum.  This continuum spans in the three dimensions our human bodies can sense… stretched over the fourth dimension we see as past, present, and future.  Inside that universe exists the entirety of what we can perceive and imagine.

The grading will primarily be on skills and aesthetics. The theme can be interpreted many different ways and we encourage you to pursue your creativity.

Important Dates

Contest begins Friday 19 July 2019
at 23:00 GMT

Contest ends Saturday 3 August 2019
at 23:00 GMT

Questions and Answers

Q: What is Meraki's 2048 Project?

It’s 2048. Earth has been destroyed and left to dust while human species have extended their exploration to the maximum level, allowing them to travel further and better than ever before. Scientific research has taken a whole new direction, exploring energy within space to create innovative ways of exploration within space. After many of years of investigation, people have found a way to energize molecules from stars to power interstellar portals. It’s time to explore new galaxies and research outer space.

Q: What are the plot dimensions?

Plot size is 301×301 and the plot floor is y=1 so you have the entire build height to work.  The plot borders are floating stone buttons (and floating wood buttons when claimed to highlight) to diminish any distraction from the build in free space.

Q: What is the special build environment?

The plot world is void and time set to night, meaning there is no floor and you can see underneath the horizon. This gives the effect that you are in space. You do not have to build in an un-lit environment, however if you utilize tools such as /ptime (Player Time) or /plot set time (Plot Time) or /nv (Night Vision) the horizon may glitch to appear to be a reversed daylight sky.

Q: Will my build be judged in night-time?

While the environment provided simulates space, your build does not have to conform to a space object. For example, you can build traditional terrain on your plot or make something that is abstract and exists only in concept with no meaning to physical presence.  However, you will want to consider building in a way that will make yours stand apart from others. If you wish the judges to view your plot in nightvision (/nv) please indicate in your plot greeting with the following command: /plot set greeting <text>

Q: So, is the theme just a sci-fi/portal build?

You certainly can make sci-fi builds or portals but the theme encompasses so much more in concept. Time and space is everything we know in this dimension, so the build literally can be anything but from that existential perspective.  Just keep in mind that this is primarily a skills and aesthetics contest and the theme is to provide an overall direction.



Aesthetics does not necessarily relate to the build’s size or technical difficulty. Are physical properties in proportion (or appropriately abstract)? Do the coloring and texturing accentuate the build? Quite simply… does it look good?


A value of Complexity is determined by our expert judges considering the technical difficulty of the build. Is symmetry (and asymmetry) handled well? Are the components of the build well made and positioned? Is adequate build height utilized? Are abstract or organic forms fluid and portray motion (or stability)? This is the synthesis of skill and practice in joining multiple components of a build together in a cohesive way.


An Originality score is proportional to uniqueness of the build. Over time there are many techniques that work well and are used by many builders, but if you risk trying something novel it may be rewarded with a higher score in this category.

The Good Stuff

Second Place

$150 USD


First Place

$250 USD

rawnn & @IDoraken

3rd Place

$100 USD

@MegRae_MC and @RuggedBuilds

Prizes are awarded by PayPal only. Winners must contact mikedmd#0001 on Discord within 30 days after the winners are announced to claim their prize or it will be forfeited.

Special thanks to Nitric Concepts and also to Skycade Builds for sponsoring prize money for the contest.