The community of Builder’s Refuge is vast and diverse, which can occasionally lead to conflict.  Our goal, as the community’s leaders, is to protect our community and to resolve those conflicts so that our players and members can continue enjoying the professional connections, friendships, and services that our network provides.

Builder’s Refuge operates on the Internet’s golden rule of “don’t be a dick”.  This basically means to be mature (self-aware of how things you say and do affect others), be respectful (to other players, members, and staff), and don’t abuse the resources that we provide to you (abusing worldedit, spamming, etc…).

For most people, the mention of this rule is enough.  However, many may not understand what specific things can cause them to cross the line and warrant consequences.  Below, we have provided a list of guidelines for our behavior standards.  Keep in mind that these are guidelines, not rules.  Enforcement is not letter-of-the-law and if we determine that behavior is disrespectful, cancerous, or intentionally deceitful the staff may at their own judgement enforce a warning, mute, or ban even if no specific guideline is broken.

Keep in mind that while we try to cultivate an atmosphere of respect, Builder’s Refuge is not a family-friendly environment.

Communication and Behavior

Examples of things that are NOT allowed

  • Please do not spam.  Can include but not limited to:
    • Repeating words/letters/numbers
    • Posting unsolicited websites, Discord links, server IP addresses, etc…
  • Please do not post pornographic material, including nude artwork
  • Please do not personally attack other players or groups
    • Using what society calls “hate speech” (racial slurs, homophobic remarks, prejudice against mental illness, etc…)
    • Attacking or insulting a person’s integrity
    • Being abusively critical about a player’s art (build/render/etc)
  • Please do not abuse /nick (for members)
    • Do not impersonate others
    • Do not use offensive language in your nickname
  • Please do not use any language other than English in main chat channels and Discord
  • Please do not roleplay (or anything equally cringy) in public chat.
  • Please do not interfere with a player or member who is live-streaming
  • Please do not post memes or animated GIFs in Discord

Examples of things that are allowed

  • You may post a server IP, website, etc… as it comes up in casual conversation.  Keep in mind, due to protection against spambots, newcomers to our Discord server cannot post links.
  • Swearing is allowed
  • Friendly banter is allowed (where it is obvious that the player is not directly insulting or attacking others)
  • You can speak languages other than English in private messages, private channels, and language-specific channels.  Please type “/lang” to get a list of non-English language chat channels if you wish to have conversations with others in your native language.

Using Our Network

Examples of things that are NOT allowed

  • Please do not abuse our plugins and building tools
  • Please do not construct offensive or pornographic builds on public facing servers
  • Please do not construct builds that intentionally lag or crash Minecraft clients or server performance
  • Please do not spam other players with teleport requests

Examples of things that are allowed

  • Our server can handle large worldedits and the process runs in a parallel thread, meaning it won’t lag the server, so feel free to edit larger areas. A 500×500 area will edit reasonably well, but larger areas like 1000×1000 may take longer. Use at own risk.
  • If you need to construct a build for a controversial artist statement that may be offensive or pornographic, you can use your private world (members-only) but do not publicly post this build in the Builder’s Refuge server or Discord.