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Participant slideshow

Here is a slide show of all the contest participants. Aspect ratios have been modified to fit the slideshow, but were judged at the original size provided.

If you do not see your image here, your image was either disqualified or it was an animation. Animations submitted were still judged, but the movement of the image was disregarded in judging criteria for style and technique to prevent an unfair advantage over still renders. These participants were assigned a number, but were skipped in the presentation slideshow.

Disqualified images included images submitted that had nothing to do with the contest or the provided dirt hut build had been physically modified or ignored.

Black squares have been added to obscure the artist’s watermarks if it was included in the contest submission in order to ensure anonymity while judging. These squares were ignored when judging the render’s composition.

Grading Sheet
Maximum Possible Score is 70