Contest Server Technical Info

  • Our server IP is: on version 1.12.2
  • To get to the hexplot contest world, type /hexplot
  • There is no warp to take you to a hexplot, you will want to cross reference your position with the grid map (click for map).
    • As you fly over the hexplot world, you will get messages telling you which plot you are entering.
    • It is highly recommended that once you find your hexplot, you use “/sethome <name>”
    • Type “/home <name> ” to return to that location (you can use this command from anywhere on the BR network)
    • You can use the “/tppos <x> <y> <z>” command to teleport to coordinates (using dynmap as a reference, for example).
    • Click here for Contest Server dynmap link
  • There is not an actual plot plugin managing this contest and there are a lot of things managed by hand (hence the request forms). We have prepared the contest server as much as possible to prevent cheating/exploiting.  If any bug or glitch is found, please report to mikedmd (mikedmd#0001 on Discord) as soon as possible.

Contest Management Info

  • Please follow this guideline for requesting the next plot:
    • Request Plot #2 on or after Friday, March 30
    • Request Plot #3 on or after Friday, April 6
    • Request Plot #4 on or after Friday, April 13
  • The requested plots will be assigned on the following Friday.
    • Example:
      • You can request Plot #2 any time after Friday, March 30
      • Plot #2 will be assigned on Friday, April 6 and you can now request Plot #3 which will be assigned on the following Friday (April 13)
    • If you do not request a plot by the time it is assigned, you can request later but you will have last pick of remaining options.
    • The only deadline is the contest end. If plots are not picked by April 29, automatic grade of zero is posted for unclaimed plots.
  • You may build on any plot owned by your team for the entire duration of the contest

Frequently Asked Participant Questions

Can I edit the terrain?

Yes, you can edit the terrain to your liking.  Judges are asked not to evaluate the terraforming (since it’s pre-generated).  However, your artistic score can be affected depending on how well your build blends into the terrain, and possibly the technical score can be affected depending on the complexity of that integration.

How do I find my plot?

See above

When do I request my next plot?

See above

Can a team member drop out?

Once the contest begins, you cannot switch out a new team member. If someone drops out during the contest, you cannot add a replacement and must carry on with the remaining team members.  The team member dropping out is still eligible for the prize as it is a team prize.

Can we keep working on plots after the next one is claimed?

Yes, the newer plots are in addition to your current workspace.  So up until the contest ends, you can work on any plot that your team owns.