Welcome to the first Builder’s Refuge Build Contest!  Keep this bookmarked as we will be updating this page with the most current information (including the winners after the contest has concluded).  Through this contest we want to thank everyone, especially our Members, for their continued support.


The contest began Friday, March 3, 2017
at 0:00 (Midnight) GMT (Thursday PM/Friday AM)

The contest ended Friday, March 17, 2017
at 23:59 GMT (Friday PM/Saturday AM)

Screenshots and renders were due by
Thursday, March 23, 2017



Contest Runner-Up

2nd Place



Creativity: 7.7
Artistic: 7.8
Skill: 8.7

Total: 24.2

Contest Winner

1st Place


“Idyllic Cage”

Creativity: 8.3
Artistic: 8.6
Skill: 9.0

Total: 25.9

Contest Runner-Up

3rd Place


‘I Am This Intrinsic Suffering,
From Which a Lotus Blooms’

Creativity: 7.1
Artistic: 7.7
Skill: 8.5

Total: 23.3

Grading Criteria

Creativity:  Overall creativity of the build. How well does it stay with the theme? Is it unique?

Artistic:  Overall flow and integrity of the build. Does it hold up? Does it make sense? Is it complete? Complexity balanced with elegance?

Skill:  What is the level of skill? Does it show good building technique?

Contest Rules

  • This contest is open to all Builder’s Refuge members
    • Judges/Staff can participate but cannot win
    • If you are not a Member, consider joining
  • You cannot participate if…
    • You are not a member of Builder’s Refuge
    • Your application to join Builder’s Refuge has been denied
  • Building
    • The build must be made on Builder’s Refuge on the designated contest servers (these servers will have special/limited permissions to minimize the risk of cheating)
    • Plots have a 300×300 build area signified by a dark oak and quartz pedestal.  It is allowed to incorporate, erase, or modify the pedestal, but anything outside of the 300×300 area will be ignored.
    • All aspects of the build must be original and made from scratch (no imported schematics or worlds)
    • This is a solo build contest
    • You can use WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, goPaint and any available in-game building tool already installed on our server
  • Awards
    • Winners will be announced via Twitter @BuildersRefuge and will also be posted on this page
    • In order to claim cash prizes, participants must have a valid PayPal account
  • Housekeeping
    • Participants who break our one rule (“don’t be a dick”) or intentionally cause degraded server performance may be disqualified


– 1st Place –
$250 USD

– 2nd Place –
$150 USD

– 3rd Place –
$100 USD

* prizes are subject to
PayPal transaction fees

Winners will also be featured
in the 2017 Minecraft BuildCon 
taking place April 14-18, 2017!


  • Dordsor (Athion)
  • Kryiin (Astrium)
  • Barbarian (Dive Blocks)
  • Myller (Finna Nut)
  • ko0o (Builder’s Refuge)
  • Cakeicing (BlockWorks)
  • Aequotis (Everbloom)
  • Guava (Vaeron)
  • Josh B (Podcrash)
  • Skrill (Deep Academy)

What is Builder's Refuge?

If you have found this page from interest in our 2017 Build Competition, you may be unfamiliar with Builder’s Refuge and want to know more about us.

  • We are not a Build Team.  We are a community of builders who are passionate about making art in Minecraft.
  • We provide space for builders to express their creativity with no limitations that are typically found on public creative servers (ranking up, voting, etc…).  Members get their own, configurable world with unrestricted access to popular in-game building utilities.
  • Membership is free, but by invitation or application only.  The requirement is to show your skill in building by submitting a portfolio.  Look to here for more information about joining.

How to Enter


  • You must be a Builder’s Refuge Member to participate in the contest
  • Click here to join if you are not a member (members have no obligations, and it’s free)


  • Connect to mc.buildersrefuge.com
  • Type “/server3” or “/server4” or go through the appropriate portal in the hub to get to the contest server
  • Type “/newplot” to claim your plot
  • Permissions to build and use WorldEdit and Voxelsniper will be activated when the contest begins

Submit Screenshots

  • Judging
    • Default texture pack only, please
    • When the build is complete, take screenshots in-game
    • When the contest ends, permissions will be restored to download a schematic of your build to make a render
  • Submitting Screenshots and Renders for Judging
    • Stand in your plot and type “/plot download” and download the schematic for rendering
    • Create an IMGUR album with your render and in-game screenshots
    • Please submit between 5 and 10 unmodified in-game screenshots (and no more than 2 renders) before the deadline
    • You must have a valid website account in order to access the screenshot submission form.  Click here to get one if you do not have one.
Submit Your Build Here