Submit Your Renders and Screenshots

  • Download a schematic of your build
    • Method 1:  Stand in your plot and type “/plot download” and download the schematic for rendering
    • Method 2:  You can also select the grading area and type “//copy” and then “//download” to get the schematic, too.
    • If you have difficulty obtaining a schematic, please contact staff for assistance.
  • Create an IMGUR album with your render and in-game screenshots
  • Please submit between 5 and 10 unmodified in-game screenshots (and no more than 2 renders) by Thursday, March 23.
  • You must have a valid website account in order to access the screenshot submission form.  Click here to get one if you do not have one.  It’s free and we won’t spam you or sell your address.
Submit Your Screenshots
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