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July 5, 2017
  • How to use the brush: populateschematic

    This command can be used to paste things in big areas at a time. This is perfect for trees, but can be used for other things, like houses.

    The basic command for the brush is //br populateschematic (mask) (file) (radius) (points) (-r)

    (mask) is the block type you want your brush to paste on.
    (file) is […]

  • How to use VoxelSniper: /b triangle

    This command can be used for creating 2D triangles. It’s very useful for many situations. If you use it right you can create awesome things such as dragon wings.

    Step 1: Put your two voxel sniper tools in your toolbar. These are the arrow and the gunpowder.

    Step 2: Make the three points you want your triangle […]

  • How to use CS Build: Trees

    An easy way to create trees is using the cs build tree command.

    The basic command for this is: /cs build tree (treeType) (size) (woodBlock) (leafBlock) (clump)

    The treeType defines what type of tree you create. You can see a list of them all on the picture below:

    The size (s) defines what minimum size your […]

  • How to use CS Build: Rotate

    The CS Build Rotate Command will make you able to rotate your world edit selections. This will make you able to rotate any selection 360 degrees.

    The basic command is: //cs build rotate (items/-angle) (resolution) (single).

    The (items/-angle) is the increment value. You can use positive for exact item count, or negative for the exact angle.

  • How to use the brush: copy/paste

    //brush copypaste

    This is a great plugin for map-making where you need to get a lot done as fast as possible. What it does is that it takes a copy of what you have in your clipboard, and lets you repaste it as a brush.

    Here is how it works:

    First thing you want to do is make […]

  • How to use WorldEdit: //sel convex

    A nice command to make different 3D shapes is the //sel convex command. This makes you able to create pretty much any shapes you want.

    First thing you want to do is making the different points you want your shape to consist of. This can be done by placing them by hand, or by using the […]

  • How to use worldedit masks

    Standard Masks

    //mask (Block-ID)
    The mask allows you to set what specific blocks you want to change. Example: If you had a terrain composed of stone, grass, cobble, lime hardened clay, if you set //mask grass to your brush, the grass blocks are the only blocks eligible to change. The stone, cobble and clay will remain untouched […]