Growing with our community, we have launched a Conquest Reforged server to embrace its versatile nature of creative building. Driven by a large (1001×1001) plot system with flexible project worlds, this fast and stable server allows our members to build the best that Conquest Reforged can give. We offer a professional environment for the best and brightest people in the Minecraft community.

How do i join?

Like our main build server, our Conquest Reforged server is accessible to the public. However, only Builder’s Refuge members are able to utilize it. If you would like to join, click here

Server IP


Name: Conquest Reforged Server
Status: Online
Players: 0/25

Server Version

Forge 1.10.2
(our server is running the latest update
released April 2017)

Conquest Reforged Download (official link)

Conquest Reforged Mods (local link)