Welcome to the first annual Apex Events!  This invitational event, made possible with our partners Cubed Creative and Minecraft Buildcon, is for invited builders including the top 5 builders from the open contest and features top prizes. See the best go head-to-head in this incredible build competition!  Check below for more details!

To connect to Builder’s Refuge use this server IP:

If you are looking for the Apex Events Open Build Contest, click here.


The contest begins Monday, September 11, 2017
at 23:59 GMT (Monday PM/Tuesday AM)

The contest ends Monday, September 25, 2017**
at 23:59 GMT (Monday PM/Tuesday AM)

Screenshots are due Sunday, October 1


Contest Rules

  • The build must be made on the official contest server on Builder’s Refuge
  • No importing of schematics (although schematic assets created during the contest can be used)
  • Plots have a 501×501 area and you can use as little or as much of it as you like
  • You may have up to 2 plots but only one will be graded (e.g. the second plot can be used for scrap, designing assets, etc…)
  • This is a solo build contest
  • Participants who violate our guidelines will be disqualified from the contest:
    • Breaking our one rule “don’t be a dick”
    • Intentionally hacking, exploiting or causing degraded server performance
  • Participants must have a valid Paypal account to receive prizes
    • Prizes are notated in US dollars
    • Prizes will be less any fee associated with a Paypal transaction and currency exchange


(yes the good stuff)


– 1st Place –
$200 USD

– 2nd Place –
$150 USD

– 3rd Place – 
$100 USD

* prizes are subject to
PayPal transaction fees

How to Enter

With the help of Minecraft Buildcon, we have reached out to a number of the top builders in the Minecraft community.  The invitational also includes the top 5 winners of our Apex Events Open Build Contest.  Those individuals are invited to compete in this clash of the Titans for truly god-tier status.

While only invited builders can participate, anyone can spectate the event.  To get started, connect to mc.buildersrefuge.com (Minecraft version 1.12 preferred)

To get to the INVITATIONAL contest:

  • If on our hub follow the purple path on the left which will teleport you to our contest server. When you arrive on the contest server, enter the portal labeled INVITATIONAL CONTEST.
  • From anywhere on our network, you can pull up our navigation menu by typing /menu and click the Gold Ore Block entitled “Event Area Shortcuts” and follow the instructions on the contest server
  • You can also just type /contest to be teleported to the contest server.

Good Luck!


Submitting Screenshots

  • Please submit between 5 and 10 unmodified in-game screenshots (and no more than 2 renders) before the deadline. Screenshots in default texture pack only, please.
  • You can stand in your plot and type “/plot download” and download the plot if you wish to submit renders
  • Create a portfolio for your build (we recommend IMGUR to make an album) with your render and in-game screenshots
  • You must have a valid website account in order to access the screenshot submission form.  Click here to get one if you do not have one.


  • Judges will be grading builds by reviewing a build portfolio (e.g. an IMGUR album) containing screenshots and/or renders
  • Judges have the option to visit the build in-game but grading will be primarily based on the portfolio
  • Builds will be graded in the following categories on a 1-10 point scale:
    • Atmosphere – Use and characterization of terrain.  If terrain is not used (e.g. in air or space) then the overall context of the build environment will be judged.
    • Structure – Visual interest of structures in the build
    • Organics – Elegance of organic components of the build
  • Each category’s grade will be averaged
  • Each category average will then the summed together to make one composite score out of 30 total

Invitational Winners