How to use WorldEdit: //sel convex

A nice command to make different 3D shapes is the //sel convex command. This makes you able to create pretty much any shapes you want.

First thing you want to do is making the different points you want your shape to consist of. This can be done by placing them by hand, or by using the //up 1 command. The //up 1 command will create a glass block where you stand.


In our example, we are going to use 6 points to create our 3D shape. The six points are made of pink wool and can be seen on the image below:

After having put down your points, you want to take out your wooden axe. You can do this by typing //wand.

Then you want to type //sel convex. After that you left click on the first point and right click on the remaining ones. This will create a selection for the six points in our example.

Now we want to replace the air in our selection with the block type we want. This is done by the command //replace air (block type).

If we put a block ID into the command it will look like this: //replace air 103.

After having done that our selection will create the desired shape. In our example it looks like this:

This command will give you the opportunity to create awesome shapes really easily. You can go very creative with it!

Have an awesome day and keep building!

The Builder’s Refuge Staff.

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  • fufu4


    I got it to work but now how do I go back to normal world edit like selecting regens copy and paste ect. Because when ever I try with the wand or just do //pos1 or //pos2 it just adds a vertex

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