How to use the brush: copy/paste

//brush copypaste

This is a great plugin for map-making where you need to get a lot done as fast as possible. What it does is that it takes a copy of what you have in your clipboard, and lets you repaste it as a brush.

Here is how it works:

First thing you want to do is make a selection of what you want to use as the clipboard for the brush. (Don’t copy it yet).

Next you want to bring out a tool to bind the brush to as you would with any other brush, and equip it in your hand. After that do //brush copypaste to activate the brush.

After the brush is activated, do //copy as you normally would, and the brush is ready to use.

Also, another thing you can ADD do the brush to make it more random, if you do //brush copypaste -r it will rotate the clipboard randomly with every paste. A feature that is really useful for stuff like Trees.

If you want to unbind the brush from your tool, do //none.


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