How to use VoxelSniper: /b triangle

This command can be used for creating 2D triangles. It’s very useful for many situations. If you use it right you can create awesome things such as dragon wings.

Step 1: Put your two voxel sniper tools in your toolbar. These are the arrow and the gunpowder.

Step 2: Make the three points you want your triangle to consist off. In our example it looks like this:

Step 3: Type /b tri and select the material you want to use with /v (material)

Step 4: Right click the three points with your voxel sniper arrow.

Step 5: Right click one of the points with your gunpowder.

When you have done that you have created a triangle. Ours will look like this:

Have a great day and keep building!

The Builder’s Refuge Staff

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