How to use the brush: populateschematic

This command can be used to paste things in big areas at a time. This is perfect for trees, but can be used for other things, like houses.

The basic command for the brush is //br populateschematic (mask) (file) (radius) (points) (-r)

  • (mask) is the block type you want your brush to paste on.
  • (file) is the schematic you want to use.
  • (radius) is how big of an area you want your brush to paste in.
  • (points) is how dense/populated you want your brush to paste the desired schematic in.
  • (-r) gives a random rotation every time you click your tool.

First we take a build and save it as a schematic using //copy and then //schematic save (name). In our example it is a small house, and it is saved as ‘’testhouse’’. The build looks like this:

After that, you want to put desired info into the basic command. In this example the command will look like this:
//br populateschematic !0 testhouse 30 5 -r

If we use that command on the ground our paste will look like this:

Have a great day and keep building!

The Builder’s Refuge Team

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