How to use the brush: //br splatter

The brush splatter command makes you able to set a bunch of random blocks on a surface.

The basic command for this brush is: //br splatter (pattern) (radius) (seeds) (recursion)

  • The pattern is the materials/blocks you want to use.
  • The radius is the affected area of the brush.
  • The seeds defines how many spots there are. The higher number the more spots, the lower the less.
  • Recursion defines how large they are.


If we take our basic command and put in some materials and defines our radius and seeds, the command could look like this:

//br splatter 159:9,159:8 10 10.

If we use this on the ground it will look like this:

If we spam click the brush it will look like this:

This brush is great for coloring terrains in different splattered colors. Especially if you don’t spam it, you’ll be able to experiment with different varieties of patterns and coloring!

Have a nice day, The Builder’s Refuge Staff.

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