How to use the brush: //br height

As an alternative to GoBrush you can use the WorldEdit height brush.

The basic command for the height brush is: //br height (radius) (url) (rotation) (y-scale) (-r)

  • The radius is the affected area of the brush.
  • The url is the imgur picture you want to use. This imgur link defines your height map. It is important that the link is png or jpg.
  • The rotation specifies the direction your will be placed when using it.
  • The y-scale is the height variance that you want with the heightmap. The higher number you use, the higher your terrain will be. The lower you use, the lower your terrain will be. If you use ‘’1’’ you will be using the default height.
  • The (-r) will make your brush rotate a random 90 degrees every time you click.


If we take the imgur picture and put it into the basic command it looks like this:

  • //br height 20 0 0.5
  • When using your tool once it will look like this:
  • If you add the -r, so the rotation is random, it will look like this if you click two times:

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  • Here is an imgur album with a variation of different height maps you can use:

Keep building!

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