How to use CS Build: Trees

An easy way to create trees is using the cs build tree command.

The basic command for this is: /cs build tree (treeType) (size) (woodBlock) (leafBlock) (clump)

  • The treeType defines what type of tree you create. You can see a list of them all on the picture below:
  • The size (s) defines what minimum size your tree will be generated as.
  • The woodBlock (w) is what material the tree will be made of.
  • The leafBlock (l) is what material the leaf will be.

If we put in some numbers and blocks into the command it could look like this:
/cs build tree branched s4 w17 l103

When typing the command in it is important that you are holding a stick in your hand. The stick is the tool you use for all the //cs build brushes!

Our tree would look like this:

This command makes you able to create any size, shape or color tree you want. It even adds a slight random generation in size and shape every time you use it.

Have a great day!

The Builder’s Refuge Team.

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