How to use CS Build: Spiral

The Spiral Command is awesome for multiple different scenarios. You can use it for things such as stairs, spirals and maybe if you want to make some organic shapes.

The basic command for the spiral command is: /cs build spiral (radius/-growth) (stretch) (count) (flip) (double)

  • The radius (r) defines the radius of your spiral.
  • The stretch (s) will define how stretched your spiral will be. If you choose a small number like 1 your spiral will be long and stretched.
  • The other way around a bigger number like 20 will make it flatter.
  • The count (c) defines the number of spiral segments you want to create.
  • The flip (f) will flip your spiral on the side.
  • The double (d) will create a double spiral.


First of all, you want to build the structure you want to have as a spiral. For this example, we used a simple pattern of spruce blocks, but you can use other patterns/structures as well. Our example looks like this:

  • It is important that you then mark your pattern with either //pos or the wooden axe. After that, you want to copy it to your clipboard.
  • The next step is taking out a stick to your Minecraft toolbar. The stick is the tool you use for all the //cs build brushes!
  • If we then put some informations into the basic command it could look like this: //cs build spiral r7 s15 c3
  • When typing the command in, you want to hold your stick in the hand. After that. you click on the ground with the stick. This will create your spiral. In our case the spiral looks like this:
  • Making the spiral taller using the stretch option could be cool for making twisted branches or plants! Or maybe other things? Give it a try!

Have a nice day and keep building!
The Builder’s Refuge Staff

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