How to use CS Build: Rotate

The CS Build Rotate Command will make you able to rotate your world edit selections. This will make you able to rotate any selection 360 degrees.

The basic command is: //cs build rotate (items/-angle) (resolution) (single).

  • The (items/-angle) is the increment value. You can use positive for exact item count, or negative for the exact angle.
  • The (resolution) defines how well the command will fill in missing blocks. The default is set at 4.
  • The (single) will limit the rotation to one copy.

In our example we got a simple structure that looks like this:

You can create any structure you want. After having made the structure you want to rotate, you have to copy it to your clipboard.

The next step is taking out a stick to your Minecraft toolbar. The stick is the tool you use for all the ‘’//cs build’’ brushes!

If we then type in the command with some numbers it could look like this:
//cs build rotate i16
You want to make sure to do this while holding your stick in the hand.

After that, you want to right-click on the ground. The block you click on will become the center of your rotation.

In our example it will look like this:

If we do //cs build r64 it will look like this:

This command is great for making simple structures. You can even go very detailed with it if you add some details after having done the rotation. Just use your skills!

Have a great day!

The Builder’s Refuge Team.


    • mikedmd


      You have to download craftscripts. One that is popular is called inHaze build tools at

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