How to upload and download worlds (member server)

World upload/download:

On Builder’s Refuge you don’t have to wait for staff to load your world for you. You can quickly and easily do this on your own.


  1. Type “/world upload” and click on the link as demonstrated in the picture below. This will open a page in your default browser.
  2. Click on ‘’Choose Files’’ as shown below, and select your world. You will want to select MCA files (found in the regions subfolder of your world) either by uploading a group of MCA files directory, or a ZIP compressed file containing them.
  3. After choosing the world you want to upload, Click on the “Upload” button as shown above, and you will automatically be teleported to it after the upload completes. You are now the owner of that world.  If you have more than one world you can list your worlds by typing “/world list mine”


  1. To download your world type “/world download world” in the in-game chat.
  2. This will generate a link. Click the link, and it will open a window in your default browser that will automatically start the world download.
  3. If the world is extremely large (excess of 2000×2000) the download may not initiate.  In this case, please contract an administrator to manually retrieve your world for you.



The Builder’s Refuge Staff

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