How to upload and download schematics (community and member server)

Schematic upload/download:

On Builder’s Refuge you don’t have to wait for staff to load your schematic for you. You can quickly and easily do this on your own with our schematic center.


Follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Choose File” and select your schematic.
  3. After the schematic uploads, you will see a pop-up with a command. Copy the command and paste it in the in-game chat to load your schematic onto your worldedit clipboard.


  1. Select your build with worldedit (//wand or //pos1 and //pos2)
  2. Type //copy
  3. Type //download
  4. Click the link that appears as shown below:
  5. The link opens a window in your default browser that starts the download automatically.



The Builder’s Refuge Staff

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