Builder’s Refuge Leadership

The staff are responsible for the overall guidance of the Builder’s Refuge, confirm or deny applications, and coordinate services we offer to best help the builders in our membership.  If you have any issues with the server or new ideas for us to incorporate, please let us know!

Moderators have special permissions to remove or mute a user from the network if they are being unusually disruptive.  Beyond that, the mods are very familiar with the server and can help you find your way if you need to know where to go and how to get set up.

m myller


k ko0o

manager/ideas guy

l levang


m mikedmd


A Aerios


l laurarussels


b bearbuilds


d decorated


s stuffy


Builder’s Refuge Members

Listed below are the members of Builder’s Refuge.  If you click on their profiles, you can learn a little bit about their specialties and ways to get in contact.

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